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Online Auto auction - Get the Best Deals

10/09/2011 14:52

Online auto auctions are becoming highly popular in this new era of computer and internet technology. Buying a used or new car has always been a tricky business. There is a long list of options available to choose from. This difficulty is compounded by the little time available for to the prospective buyers in general, to make a thorough analysis and judicial choices. Thankfully the online auctions are at help today. By carrying out a simple hunt on your internet, one can benefit from these great cars available in all kinds and price range. Car-Auction has a database full of thousands of different cars waiting for the bid. One can convert their dream car to reality by purchasing it from government & surplus auctions!

In the world of computers and globalization, one can participate in the auctions while sitting comfortably in their home or office chair. Online auction have became very trendy on the web. In fact, it has helped those people who are millionaires and have an obsession of buying sports and others cars to show off. In the era of e-commerce, these online auction sites provide a user friendly and safe alternative. Buyers can make their entire bid in real time, enabling one to bid with the full confidence. This saves the commuting time and provides more variety and options to choose from. While auctioning, one can scroll through the entire catalogs and other lists of cars and other vehicles, without being physically present at that place.

Online auto auctions were brought up by Byers Automotive. This services offers quality pre-owned vehicles and some highly wanted and special vehicles. Online auction keep on updating their sites for their clients. Online auto auction from Byers are user friendly and absolutely free of cost. They charge no registration fee and offer 24X7 services to their users.

Online auctions are also used for inter-state auto auction. You can also book your bidding amount in advance for the auction. Your authenticity and security is maintained. One simply needs to go to their online catalog before the auction and then set-up a proxy bid.

When a proxy bid is placed on an item before sale, your bid is recorded and stored in the proxibid database, which is specially designed for this purpose. Moreover, if one’s bid is outbid by any other bidder, the person is notified by an automatic notice via email that he is no longer leading the bid for the item.

Because of the internet, buying and selling of new as well as old vehicle have taken different prospective. Earlier one has to print an advertisement in newspaper, browsers or pamphlets etc. but now you can give and take all information in just a click away of the mouse. This is a reliable method and saves a lot of time and money.

In the world of e-commerce, online auto auction proves a boon to the people and society as they can get good quality product in cheapest rates, sometimes at discounted rate of 80% to 90% off the original cost.


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What Is Collusion At An Auction?

10/09/2011 14:50

If you’ve never been to a live auction, then you may not have ever heard of the term “collusion.” Not all auctioneers mention it, so even if you have been to an auction or two, you may never have heard of the term.

Collusion can be defined as “The unlawful practice whereby two or more people agree not to bid against one another so as to deflate value or when the auctioneer accepts a fictitious bid on behalf of the seller so as to manipulate or inflate the price of the property.”

Despite the fact that it’s illegal, it’s still a pretty common event live auctions.

Here’s a typical scenario. You’re at an auction and let’s say you’re looking at a pallet of computers. You see a lot of items on there that you could use and say to yourself that you’ll be bidding on that. You notice there are some printers on the pallet that you don’t need, but will still bid on the pallet when the time comes. Now, while you’re looking at this pallet of computers, another bidder has noticed your interest and approaches you. He asks you if you’re interested in the computers or the printers. You tell him you’re only interested in the computers. He says he’s only interested in the printers and wants to make an agreement with you. He says he wants to bid on the pallet, but will not bid if you agree to sell him the printers for half the bid price. Now if you agree, that’s collusion.

It may sound tempting, but as enticing as it may be, don’t do it. It hurts the seller at the auction because now there’s less competition than there should be for the items and makes it likely that the item will sell for less than it would have.

Some auctioneers have even been known to plant people to try to get people to agree to collusion, and if you do…well, it’s not good.

Now let’s look at collusion from the other side where the seller uses it to his advantage. In this case, the seller would plant a person to bid on an auction in order to artificially run up the price on the auction. This person has no interest in buying the item. They just want to make you pay more than you would have had to.

Next time you’re at an auction, just keep in mind what collusion is and avoid it. Keep the game fair. An auction is already a place where you can get a great deal. Review, Dealdash Review


All About Online Auctions

10/09/2011 14:48

How to make Auctioning a Profitable Business

It wouldn't be exaggeration to say that hundreds of thousands of people from across the world visit buy and sell myriad products on auction sites. One popular site has a market share of 76%, reports 42.7 million users recording a growth rate of 100% every year!
What are these auction buyers looking for?

A poll conducted by Harris Interactive on 2,196 people shows that online auctions appeal to people for the following reasons.
- Bargains (43 percent)
- Hard to find items (23 percent)
- Collectibles (21 percent)
Not just that, a record 83% people have actually bought something!

Buying What?

People visiting auction sites buy all sorts of products from different categories, but it simply doesn't mean that everything and anything sells. What is critical, in this context is Targeted Marketing, more so, since auctions, as days went by has become a serious business line. The buying on auction is no longer restricted to sales only, most of the firms are using the auction sites to generate business and traffic to their own sites with added offers.

In a nutshell:

It all boils down to the point that if you have what the buyer is looking for and your listing is found you get bids ad sales subsequently. The real test for the seller is figuring out what the buyer is looking for.

Online Auction - Ideal Marketing Tool

The buyers flock to auction sites for innumerable number of myriad items provided on them, therefore the issue of how to attract the buyers is solved. Different customers arrive at the site with different perceptions and different frame of mind. The auctions are all about enjoying the bids of different products and item available along with the pictures.

Then How to Make Most of it.

The advantages can be properly utilized by using the targeted strategies in line with the habits and patterns of online auction buyers with built-in categories found on the auction site.
One of the most popular site boasts of more than 3,000 categories of auction items. The idea is to make the transaction fast by categorizing the items helping them narrow down on items thick and fast. This makes self-targeting easy for sellers to find buyers easy.
Making items available on auction sites is easy!

Although serious auction sellers have a website, it is not necessary to own a website and generate traffic with advertising. You can join a reputed auction site by registering with them, which is fast and easy. And for immediate returns and to generate income with little registration fee, this a much better approach to e-commerce.

The fundamental formula for online selling:

Provide something the buyer is looking. Having a target and product in mind is important.
Make a list and put them in order
The list should be attractive.
The process is simple, costs low and formula easy. Perhaps this is precisely the reason why millions of people flock to these sites for instant gains.
Bottom line
List items that attract potential buyers from time to time.
Provide unique offering that are different from others
Classify your products effectively.
Different items in different categories with help generate multiple incomes from different quarters.

Take advantage of huge number of people looking for multiple products, learn and understand from other sellers.


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